Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Motherland

So a good part of my family comes from Austria, and since the internet isn’t giving us any help in trying to search for our ancestors the only logical next step would be to take a massive trip to Salzburg to try and find the town that doesn’t exist that my Great-Grandpa claims to have come from. Clearly I’ve already started to prepare myself by listening to Tokio Hotel and learning German from their music, though at this point I think I could only really have conversations akin to breaking up with someone, stopping someone from committing suicide and talking to an alien who has come to our planet for a friendly visit. Regardless, fluent in German or not, my search for a mythical city is going to be a fantastic adventure fit for the movies, since all searches for mythical cities always end up in movies, like El Dorado or Atlantis for example. This is definitely one trip that I will have to take my camera on. Now if only I could magically earn a million dollars and make this trip happen…

1 comment:

  1. Carly. If you go to Salzburg and need company please please invite me. I don't speak German but that doesn't really matter in Salzburg anyway, everyone speaks English for the most part. I spent the best 2 days of my life in Salzburg. You don't even need anywhere close to a million dollars - probably more like $700...which might as well be a million because all my money is borrowed from the government...but still. I will even learn how to say "I am looking for my dead grandfather" in German to help with the family history process.