Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flavor of the Day

I have to share this new fabulous song I have discovered. My friend Kristin gave it to me, which was ironic because usually it’s my brother that is always giving me music from all of these random no-name quasi-Christian bands, but this AMAZING gem was discovered by Kristin. I love love love love love this new song! Behold, Castaway, by the band Chasen:

Voglio condividere questa nuova canzone meravigliosa che ho scoperto. La mia amica Kristin mi l’ha dato, ed è interessante perché normalmente mio fratello mi da tante canzoni di band mezzi cristiani che non sono conosciuti, ma questa gemma fantastica è stata scoperta da Kristin. Amo tantissimo questa canzone! Ecco Castaway, da Chasen:


Lyrics in English/Testo italiano

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Perfect Guy....

So I was talking with a friend the other day about some of the attributes I would want in my ideal guy. They aren't your typical attributes though, because I am drawn to the most ridiculous characters and long for some of their amazing traits. For example:

Howl--He's not afraid to be dramatic or emotional. Like weeping himself into a puddle when he is no longer beautiful. He also looks out for the little guy.

Shawn Spencer--He's adorable and charming and caring. And soooo cunning and mischievous and immature. And sooooooo HILARIOUS!

Zuko--Quick to anger, sarcastic, the intense inner struggle between good and evil, his good heart, his honor, his courage, he's not afraid of the pain of his past and he uses it to make him stronger

Severus Snape--In addition to the typical Slytherin-like qualities Snape possesses, like cunning, ambition and a certain disregard for rules, he also masters the attributes most prized by the other three houses: loyalty, intelligence and courage. The perfect wizard.

Luca or Diego Fainello--Rock star. Italian lover. 'Nuff said.

Mr. Darcy--HOT. Prideful. Rich. The list of Mr. Darcy's goodness is never ending, because let's be honest, Mr. Darcy=perfection.

The Beast--Yeah, I'd totally marry a beast if he gave me a library too. Especially if it had wheelie ladders. Now that is true love.

Eugenides--His infamous thievery talent is exceeded by none, and when the Queen chops off his hand as punishment he falls in love with her even more.

Moral of the story: My perfect guy is an all-powerful fire emperor, thief, wizard warrior, Italian rock star and fake psychic detective with a British accent and a ginormous library. That should be pretty easy to find.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Naked Giraffe

I still sleep with stuffed animals. I’m not ashamed. In fact, I can’t sleep without one. I guess I just have to cuddle with something at night, and until a better option comes along, a stuffed animal is what it’s going to be ha ha ha. For the past 6 years my stuffed animal of choice has been a giraffe. His name is Naked Giraffe. Actually he was originally named Geoffrey the Giraffe, but then a friend of mine once commented that if Geoffrey took off his sweatshirt he would be naked, and then proceeded to make a ridiculous song. Naked Giraffe has stuck ever since.

Dormo ancora con i peluche. Non mi vergogno. In realtà, non posso dormire senza un peluche. Ho bisogno di coccolare con qualcosa, e fino a quando posso trovare qualcosa migliore, coccolerò con un peluche ha ha ha. Il mio peluche preferito adesso è una giraffa chiamata Giraffa Nuda. Originariamente è stata chiamata Geoffry la Giraffa, ma un giorno un amico mio mi ha detto che se si toglie la felpa, sarebbe nuda, e poi lui ha inventato una canzone molto buffa della Giraffa Nuda. Da allora Giraffa Nuda è stato il suo nome.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


In honor of the start of the brand new season 5, I LOVE PSYCH! BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!!!! I can’t even begin to describe how happy this TV show makes me. Best part of Psych: pineapple, myopic chihuahua, what?!?!?!, Lassie’s hair, Mrs. Pickles, Buzz, the Blueberry, Lt. Crunch, Gee Buttersnaps, what doesn’t Gus know about taxidermy? , angel baby wrapped in cloud candy, Creamcicles, Mary’s stint with racquetball, Señor pantalones del fuego, Old Sonora, and last but not least….WILL SHAWN AND JULIET EVER GET TOGETHER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
If you understood all this gibberish, then you are probably my best friend. If not, you are missing out on all the best life has to offer. Repent, and sin no more!
The Process

Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbye Boston

So today I left Boston forever and moved across the country. It’s such a weird feeling. The only thing I can compare it to is like waking up suddenly and realizing that you’re not in Narnia anymore. I feel as if this past year was a dream, or a figment of my imagination. Did it really just happen? It’s always so hard to move to a new place. I always feel like I’m leaving a part of me behind, a part of me that I’ll never find again. It’s a part of me that I wish I could share with other people, but I know that they would never understand. I can tell them about the good times and the hard times, but they won’t really be able to internalize it, to feel the joy, to feel the despair. I’m off to start a brand new adventure again, and just like all the moves before I’ll end up a completely different person when I’m done. It’s such an interesting feeling, to be standing at the threshold of such a pivotal point in my life, looking out at the future knowing I can never go back and that I’m about to become someone that I can’t even imagine yet. In the immortal words of Jon Foreman: “Life begins at the intersection.”

Oggi sono partita da Boston per sempre è sono traslocata nell’altro lato del paese. È così strano traslocare. L’unica cosa con che lo posso paragonare è svegliare all’improviso e rendersi conto che non sono più in Narnia. Mi sento che questo ultimo anno è stato un sogno, che questo è tutta una mia invenzione. Davvero è successo? È sempre molto difficile traslocare ad un luogo nuovo. Mi sento che lascio dietro una parte di me, una parte di me che non ritrovò mai più. È una parte di me che voglio condividere con altre persone, ma già so che non possono capire. Posso dire loro di tutti i buoni tempi e di tutte le esperienze difficili , ma non possono interiorizzarlo come io l’ho fatto, o sentire la gioia che ho sentito, o sentire la disperazione che ho avuto. Sto cominciando una nuova avventura, è come gli altri traslochi, diventerò una nuova persona. È molto interesante essere qui in questo punto della vita così cruciale, imaginando il futuro, sapendo che non posso ritornare mai. Come ha detto Jon Foreman: “La vita comincia all’incrocio”.