Monday, June 10, 2013

Grandma Senn's Childhood

While going through my things and getting ready to pack and move, I found this manuscript in my belongings.  It is a 10 page manuscript written by my Grandma Senn, my dad's mom, in 1974, about the first few years of her life.  I thought it would be interesting for other people related to her to read, so I decided to type it up and post it here:

Grandma Senn's Childhood


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Emergency Contact

A week ago at work, we had to update a lot of our information, one of which was an "Emergency Contact" person.  At first I just put my mom down as usual, but then I was informed they really wanted a contact person in the area, not someone another state away.  So after thinking for a moment, I decided on a friend and soon-to-be-roommate for a couple months.  First of all, I suppose a roommate is the most logical choice; second, this friend is also besties with one of my best friends of all time from Provo, so I can count on a good gossip chain getting the info to where it is needed, should I ever be in a state of emergency.  

A few days later, I was sitting in my car, pondering over the slight turmoil in my heart, wishing I could talk to a specific person about the speed bump in my day.  As I thought about it though, I wondered why it was just this one specific person I wanted to talk to.  In reality, there were many people that could have made me feel better.  It wasn't a huge issue I was having, and more or less I just needed a few minutes to vent a bit, and then I would be fine.  But for whatever reason, all I really wanted to talk to was one specific person.  This was the person I wanted to contact in my little emergency.

We all have these little cards around at work or school or whatever with our emergency contact information, but how many times do we think of who we should call when we're having our own little emotional emergency?  And how often are we willing to be that emergency contact for someone else?