Monday, January 31, 2011

Grateful Tree Episode 1

So recently I made a goal to be more grateful in my life, and this goal reminded me of some friends who used to have a "Grateful Tree". They made it out of construction paper and hung it on their wall, and every time they found something to be grateful for they would trace their hand on paper and write what they were grateful for and taped it to the tree on the wall. So, I'm not going to tape a big tree to my wall, but I decided that once a week I would write down 10ish things that I was grateful for in that week. So here goes:

1. I am EXTREMELY grateful for a living prophet of God on the Earth today. My ward had stake conference today, and we had a live broadcast from Salt Lake City, and President Eyring spoke about the importance of following the prophet, and it made me so grateful to realize the great blessing of having a living prophet on Earth. I am SO grateful for our prophet, Thomas Monson.

2. I am grateful that my mom and sister were able to come visit me for a few days! I love my family so so so so very much!!!

3. I am grateful for my fun co-workers which make going to work bearable :)

4. I am grateful for the rain today. Even though I love the sun, rain is so dramatic and mysterious and it is exciting to have once in a while.

5. I am grateful for my space heater, which makes my room so nice and toasty on said rainy day, making it the perfect place to snuggle up in a blanket with a delightful book.

6. I am grateful that I was able to finally make progress on my new year's resolution of getting back to my pre-car accident workout at the gym. Not quite there yet, but getting better!

7. I am grateful for the Psych preview, which is all I have to tide me over until summer.

8. I am grateful for General Conference talks, which is what I have been using lately in my morning studies. Again, hooray for the words of a living prophet and apostles!

9. I am grateful for Downton Abbey, a new British TV show I just discovered that is fantastic.

10. I am grateful for ginger snaps. Yum :)