Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nightmare on El Camino Street

So this story actually starts a couple days ago when I had a nightmare that I was at work, and 7 patients randomly showed up at the same time and then were super angry and said that when I made the reminder call I told them the wrong time. The very next day in real life, a patient actually showed up and got angry because they claimed I said the wrong time in the reminder call. So then I got kind of paranoid to have dreams about work again. And then this crazy nightmare happened. If this one comes true, I’ll probably pass out from terror. Behold, the Nightmare on EL Camino Street:

It starts off as a fairly normal day at work, with the therapists, aides, front desk girls and patients all in the clinic. Then suddenly it starts to storm, and there’s tons of torrential rain and lightning and thunder. All of us workers have an emergency meeting to discuss how to handle this catastrophe, since no one can leave the clinic due to the horrible weather. So we all circle around, leaving the patients in another room, and probably the meeting was had, but I wasn’t paying attention because I was talking to one of my co-workers, Karen, who was also not paying attention to the meeting. She turned to me and said excitedly “I think Trevor is secretly in love with Jenny!” To which I replied “Jenny has a boyfriend.” Karen rolled her eyes and said “That’ll never last” and I was horrified because all I could think about was how Jenny just adopted 2 kittens, and I was acting like if her and her boyfriend broke up the kittens would be psychologically harmed, akin to kids going through a divorce. Clearly. I was so traumatized that I left Karen to go find Janet and Mary, who were randomly studying for a test, so I decided to help them. We were studying until suddenly Adonis comes up to us and says “What are you guys doing?!?!?! We have to find rooms!!” We didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about, so he adds “Weren’t you paying attention at the meeting? Everyone has to stay the night here because we can’t leave because of the weather! All the patients are getting rooms, we have to find some before they’re all gone!” At this point Trevor randomly appears, then says “That’s boring, you guys go do that while I go stand in the rain for a while” and then he walks off. Mary says she has too keep studying, and Janet just walks off, distracted because Brenda suddenly brought out a couple cakes. Adonis also runs off, and I decide to go look for a bed as well, and as I look around the clinic has suddenly turned into a ginormous 20 story mansion with billions of secret hidden rooms and secret passageways and it’s like a big maze getting from one room to the next. As I start to look for an empty room I run into Brian, who has decided he needs to make money for all of us so we can all have food to eat, so he set up a carnival booth for the patients. I keep looking for rooms with empty beds, but I can’t find any without patients in the crazy maze-mansion. At one point I run into Adonis and Trevor again, and no one has found a room yet, so Adonis runs off one way and me and Trevor go another way. After a few rooms we find Jenny and she joins us in the hunt. Finally us 3 reach the 20th floor which only has one room, and as we open the door to the room, we run into lasers, like you would find as a security thing in a museum or in a spy movie or something. We had accidently run into the lasers, so we were confused when no trap was set off, but then Trevor found the remote control to turn off the lasers, so we turned them off. Then we found a random old lady that had been tied to a chair and given a sleeping potion, kind of like Sleeping Beauty, except it was more like Sleeping Granny. Jenny was helping to revive Granny when I notice one of the patients coming up the stairs and to the door, and suddenly it clicks that the patients trapped Granny there on purpose, and the lasers were to let them know if anyone tried to rescue her. The patient came in and calmly yet evilly explained that now we knew the secret, so now they would have to kill us as well as Granny. He also showed us how the entire thing was live on TV, so the rest of the patients in the mansion could watch, and as we turned to the screen we could see Janet, Mary, Adonis and Brian trying to fight off evil patients. While me, Trevor and Jenny stare horrified at the screen, Granny suddenly yells, “So long suckers!” and punches a few patients and runs away, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We start running down secret stairs with patients yelling in rage chasing after us. I’m in front, and at one point I stop and turn around to see if Trevor and Jenny are still alive. I see Trevor turn the corner, but as I’m waiting to see if Jenny comes, I’m suddenly woken up by the sprinkler system going off right by my window. So I guess I’ll never know if everyone else made it out alive….

I left my heart in San Francisco

Today I went to the San Fransisco Zoo and saw a snow leopard!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I took a billion photos, plus a little video, plus I hung around the exhibit for like an hour, and I might have squealed out loud with joy and said things like "I LOVE YOU KITTY!!!!" Best day ever!!!!

My Snow Leopard Video