Monday, March 16, 2015

Some Smallish Oxford Adventures

I don't think I've written anything since I've been back in Oxford.  It's nice being back in Europe.  The weather is even mostly nice, so that's been exceedingly lovely!  I've mostly been focusing on writing my dissertation, so I haven't done any traveling or had any really big adventures or anything.  My writing has been going well though, and I am all on target to turn in my dissertation on May 6th!  My dissertation isn't actually due until the very end of May, 2 days before I start my last placement, and I didn't think 2 days was a long enough break, so I previously decided to turn in my dissertation as early as possible to give me some time to play in May.  May 6th seemed like a lucky day, so that's what I chose for my personal deadline.  Then I'll celebrate all I want after, and start having adventures again, and perhaps do a little traveling.  Switzerland seems to be calling to me.....

Luckily, as my writing is going well so far, I have had the chance to do a couple of little fun things around the city.  A couple weeks ago the Russian Ballet was on tour and stopped by Oxford and did a performance of Swan Lake, which I adored!  They were so good!!

Last week the parents of an old roommate were passing through Oxford, and I took them to tour Christ Church College, which I had actually not been in yet.  Unfortunately the Great Hall was closed for renovations, so we didn't get to see that.

St. Mary's Church, not part of Christ Church College

We've recently got some sister missionaries in our ward, and I've been able to have the chance to go out with them about once a week to help teach or find people to teach, and that has been really good too.  It helps me keep things in perspective and not get too bogged down by all the writing I am doing!  I have LOVED being back at teaching seminary too.  I missed those kids so much!

On a not so productive note, I discovered a new (to me) TV show, Once Upon A Time, which I have become enthralled with.  It's all about fairy tales and princesses and princes and true love and it's all so very distracting when one is trying to write a dissertation....I've definitely had to make rules that I can't watch an episode until I have done all of my work for the day!!