Friday, July 5, 2013

The Beautiful Man at the Airport

As I was traveling a bit ago, there was a catastrophe at the airport in the form of a 6 hour delay of my flight home.  In addition to my flight, the same airline had 5 other flights delayed for at least a few, if not many, hours.  All of these flight delays occurred late at night, so most flights eventually took off in the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, that particular wing of the airport was full of chaos and unhappy feelings.  Somewhere along hour 5 of my 6 hour delay, in the midst of the screaming children and grumbling adults, I stumbled across a Beautiful Man.
The interesting thing about this man wasn't necessarily his natural beauty.  He wasn't unpleasant to look at by any means, but he was more or less just a normal man.  But what radiated from him was his sense of calm.  I'm sure he was just as irritated by the delay as the next person.  He had things to do, places to go, sleep to get.  But instead of the "woe is me", "my life is horrible", "this trial is way too hard" attitude most people, including me, were having, he sat quietly and read his book.  He also was aware of those around him.  He made room for people searching for somewhere to sit.  He noticed and reacted when a woman left her food behind or when a man forgot his iPad when he went to stand in line to board the plane.  He not only made the experience less unpleasant for himself in not letting himself wallow in pity, but he helped lighten the burden of those around him as well.
It was a huge lesson for me.  When I look at the things that I know, the perspective that I have, how could I ever let myself wallow in self-pity?  How could I ever proclaim that any trial is too hard?  Life is going to be hard.  That is what we signed up for.  But when realize that our partner in traveling through life is the Savior, the very Redeemer of the world, nothing is too hard.  And once we understand that we can manage, no matter the difficulty, we should follow our Savior's example and look to others.  Not everyone is blessed with the same perspective yet.  If we have the light, we need to take it to help those in darkness, and help their journey through life be a little more comfortable, whether in little small acts of kindness or larger deeds that bless their lives.

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