Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mexican Food

So a while ago I made the goal to eat as much Mexican food as I could before leaving for England, mostly because that is what I remember missing the most when I was in Argentina.  I haven't done too well on my goal yet, so tonight as I was grocery shopping at Mi Pueblo, I noticed their little "taqueria" section and decided to buy something for dinner.
This brought me, however, to one of my biggest fears of Mexican food:  the taqueria.  I always feel so lost and confused at taquerias.  I never know how to order, or what to order, and I feel just as if I really was in Mexico.  The worst part it, I actually speak and understand Spanish fairly fluently.  But maybe I should clarify, I speak the Argentine Spanish, the Castellano.  I remember once, fairly soon after coming home off my mission from Argentina, talking with a Mexican lady about a dish called Carne Asada.  We both raved about how divine it was.  She decided to make some for me, and when the day came and my plate was served, it was not the Carne Asada I was imagining.  I often have this problem in taquerias.  The Spanish words don't create the same picture in my mind as what the reality turns out to be.  My biggest fear of taquerias however, comes from spicy-ness.  I cannot even remotely handle spicy food.  This is why Argentina and I got along so well.
After I got home today and sat down to my enchilada, I realized something.  I don't think I actually like Mexican food.  Not legit Mexican food, anyway.  What I really like is Taco Bell.  And I love my homemade, completely unspicy burritos that probably have nothing to do with Mexico at all.  Those things I will miss.  But I don't think I actually will miss the whole in the wall taquerias, or the taco trucks, or probably not even Chipotle.  So here's my new goal:  eat at Taco Bell as much as I can in the next month and a half.  Forget the taquerias!

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  1. That's amazing. My stomach has unfortunately outgrown Taco Bell, which is sad, because it always is so theoretically delicious to me.