Thursday, February 2, 2012


I loved Versailles!  Definitely one of my favorite places.  On my way to Versailles, I stopped for breakfast, and had the most lovely view of Notre-Dame while eating. 
I took so many pictures while at Versailles! 
The next few (and by few I mean many....) pictures are of the inside.  I don't necessarily remember each room the pictures were taken in, but there are pictures of the chapel, the king's bedroom, the queen's bedroom, the Hall of Mirrors, the dining room I think, and other random rooms.  Basically all of the rooms were over the top ornate, and I'm not going lie, I kinda wish my house was like this....

This might be one of my new favorite paintings.  Don't judge.
The last couple pics are of the crowned prince and the princesses' rooms, and then a few more of outside.

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