Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This may be the longest blog ever.  But it's all beautiful painting/artifacts that I liked best from the Louvre.  The first few pictures are of the Salle des Caryatides, a room in the Louvre where the room itself was more interesting than the art in it, and amazing ceilings from various rooms all over the museum.  Then I put pictures of my favorite pieces.  Enjoy!
 Rude--Mercury Fastening His Sandals
Ramey--Napoleon I in Coronation Robes
Diana of Versailles
Venus de Milo
Winged Victory, or Nike of Samothrace
Grand Sphynx
Mummies of cats and a crocodile
Egyptian jewelry (don't mind the writing on the bottom of the picture, it was from someone else...)
Statue of Bes
Tomb of Akhethetep (this was super cool since we got to walk inside and actually see the whole thing!)
Messina--Christ at the Column
Da Vinci--St. John the Baptist
Raphael--La Belle Jardeniere
Raphael--St. Michael Vanquishing Satan
Raphael--St. George and the Dragon
Le Dominiquin--Landscape with the Flight to Egypt
Panini--Concert Given by the Cardinal de La Rochefoucauld at the Argentina Theatre in Rome, at the Marriage of Louis the Dauphin, to Mary-Josephe of Saxony

Gutierrez--Le Festin d'Ester
Sassoferrato--The Sleep of the Infant Jesus
Correggio--The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria with the child Jesus and Saint Sebastian
Veronese--Marriage at Cana
Da Vinci--Mona Lisa
Gericault--The Raft of Medusa
Delacroix--Liberty Leading the People
Delacroix--The Barque of Dante
Granet--Interior of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
David--Oath of the Horatii
David--Coronation of Napoleon
David--The Intervention of the Sabine Women
De Roussy-Trioson--Endymion
Bodinier--Marriage Contract in Italy
Guerin--Grave of Amyntas
Valenciennes--The Ancient City of Agrigento
Bidauld--View of the Island of Sora in the Kingdom of Naples
Dunouy--Imaginary Landscape Made after Studies in the Alps and in Italy
Vernet--View of Naples and Vesuvius
Le Lorrain--Architectural Fantasy
Gerard--Psyche et l'Amour
Canaletto--Bridge of Rialto
Renoir--La Lecture
Santerre--Suzanne au Bain

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