Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eiffel Tower

This was one of the loveliest parts of my trip.  As I was walking up, it was still kind of light outside.  As I got closer, the lights on the tower started slowly turning on.  It was so so so so so cool.  I felt as if the Eiffel Tower was the symbol of actually being in Paris, and it made it so much more real.  I was so excited! 
When I reached the base of the tower, I found out they closed the upper lever, the summit, because of rain and fog, so I could only go to levels one and two, which are about halfway up.   The elevator going up was super cool!  While I was up on levels one and two, it was super rainy, foggy and windy, and because it was dark and icky weather you couldn't get a great view of the city, so actually being on the tower wasn't very pleasant.  I did stop at a shop and get a few souvenirs though, so that was nice.  I took the stairs down, and when I got down and was waking away though, the blue lights one the tower which were previously off began to sparkle, and it was the coolest thing ever!  These next two pictures I took, and I love them so very much!!  It was one of my favorite moments in Paris!
The rest of the pictures I found on the internet, since again at this point in the trip my camera battery was low and I wanted to take a few pictures the next day, but I wanted to remember as many different views of the tower as possible!  I tried to find some that looked like it did when I was there, i.e. foggy and dark.

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