Monday, January 30, 2012

Tea and Abbey Road

After I got through with the National Gallery, I went shopping for tea!!  This actually ended up being one of my favorite spots of the entire trip, since I am absolutely obsessed with tea (herbal, of course)!  The walk to the tea shop was fun.  I saw some cool things, like the Savoy Hotel, of note to those Earnest enthusiasts out there.
I also got to see the Royal Courts of Justice, which, as my guide book explained to me, is where celebrity's go when they get sued. 
And finally I ended up at the happiest place on Earth, the Twinings Tea Shop.  I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  I bought soooo much tea while I was there, and yet even now I panic in thinking that maybe I didn't get enough....
After I bought all my tea, I rode the bus!!  Here's the view I had from the bus:
I was heading off to the British Library, but I'll address that in the next post.  So on to Abbey Road!  How could I be in London and not see this great site and pay homage to the Beatles!  It was actually really funny, because there were so many people there trying to get their picture taken as they crossed the crosswalk, but it actually is a pretty busy road so cars were trying to cross all the time! 
At this point in my day my energy was really waning.  Luckily I just had the opera left for that day, but I remember feeling torn because I felt there were so many amazing things in the city that deserved my attention, but I just couldn't get the energy I needed.  In both days that I had been in the city I noticed that while it was light during the day I enjoyed the city a lot more, but as it grew dark I grew more annoyed with the big city aspect.  Also as it grew darker it meant that I had been on my feet for hours on end and they were super sore and tired and I didn't have much energy left.  I had greatly underestimated the big city-ness of London.  I of course knew it was large, but forgot what that actually meant in real life.  I am definitely not a big city person at all, until I've lived in a big city long enough to know it well (like Buenos Aires or Boston).  A really interesting thing about London was that almost everyone in the city seemed extremely young, like in their 20's or 30's.  I felt like I never saw old people anywhere!  That made the city all the more intimidating and overwhelming for me. 

I almost forgot, in the morning I was around Covent Garden and got a picture of that as well.  None of the market shops were open yet, because it was still too early, but I thought it looked pretty cool anyway.

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