Monday, January 30, 2012

British Library

The British Library was quite the hidden gem of the trip!  I read about it last minute, right before I left, and learned about all of the really cool old manuscripts they have on display in one of the rooms.  Again, it was almost overwhelming the history that was right in front of me! 

Original Canterbury Tales
Page from Jane Austen's diary
Original copy of Handel's Messiah
An original Beethoven
An original Mozart
First copy of they lyrics to Yesterday by the Beatles
One of Da Vinci's notebooks for mechanics and math
The first published Shakespeare's works
Fragments of the Book of John from the New Testament, dating to the 3rd century
The oldest known complete New Testament, in Greek
The first Guttenburg Bible
The first King James version of the Bible
Ancient Hebrew manucripts

Ancient Arabic manuscripts

Ancient Asian manuscripts
And the Magna Carta

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