Monday, January 30, 2012

Royal Opera House

 This was by far my most favorite part of the trip.  I loved being in a fancy dress in a fancy place doing fancy things.  It was the main thing I've had on my bucket list for quite a few years, to go to an opera in a fancy place in Europe, so it literally was a dream come true!
I started off the morning of my birthday waiting in line from 7am to 10am, in the hopes of buying one of the same day tickets to the opening night of Don Giovanni.  I was third in line, and they sell 67 tickets to each show, so I was super excited to know that I would get a ticket!  I read the Book of Mormon for a bit while waiting in line, then read a bit of Sherlock Holmes, so waiting wasn't bad at all.  In the evening, the opera started at 7pm.  I almost had the most tragic experience ever, however, because the entire day I thought the opera started at 7:30pm, and so when I planned on getting there a half hour before it started, I didn't realize until almost too late that I was about to get the doors shut on me!  I literally sat in my seat 2 seconds before they closed the doors.  That would have been the most horrible thing ever!!!  But luckily it all turned out all right and I was able to be there!  Here's a picture of the dress that I wore:

One of my roommates walked in just as I was leaving so I asked her to get a picture of me, in the hopes it would turn out better, but I don't think there was really any improvement in the photography.
The opera was absolutely amazing, but I'm not going to lie, my favorite part was intermission!  Everyone left their seats to go get food and drinks, so I was able to get up close and see different parts of the theater!
The best part of intermission was the ginger ice cream that I got!  It made me feel so fancy and upper class to walk around the amazing building in my fancy dress eating my fancy ice cream!  I loved it so very very very much!!!

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