Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tate Britain

This weekend I visited another art museum, and as per usual I'm posting my favorite paintings.  This museum had few rooms that I enjoyed, but it also had quite a bit of modern art, which I really don't enjoy.  But I did discover a painting or two that I really really liked, so definitely worth it in the end.  I also visited Apsley House, where the Duke of Wellington lived.  It was basically a collection of all of the fancy presents people gave him when he defeated Napoleon.  I'm not going to lie, probably because of my long-standing fascination with Napoleon, I wasn't that impressed.  But I did get to see some of the original "wellies", so that was cool.  I couldn't take any pics inside, so these are ones I found on the interwebs:

And here are the paintings from the Tate Britain I enjoyed:
Golden Stairs by Burne-Jones

Brown Eyes by Clausen

Mill Stream by Constable

Glebe Farm by Constable

Valley Farm by Constable

 Meeting of Dido and Aeneas by Dance-Holland

Madonna and Child by Dyce

Wooded Landscape with Resting Peasant by Gainsborough

Lady of Shallott by Waterhouse

Elizabeth, Countess of Kildare by Lely

A Capri Boy by Macullum

Plains of Heaven by Martin

Great Day of Wrath by Martin

Following the River by Millais

Three Ladies by Reynolds

The Archers by Reynolds

Master Crewe as Henry VIII by Reynolds

Mrs. Johnstone and Son by Romney

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by Sargent

Palestrina by Turner

Woman in White by Walker

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