Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stonehenge and Movie Sets

Yesterday I went on a bus tour that went to Stonehenge, Avebury, Lacock and Castle Combe.  It was such a fun day!!!  Everything about this day was a reminder of why I love living in England so much!  My absolute favorite thing about this country is being out in nature.  There's just something about it that is so magical and makes me feel like I really am living in a fairy tale!

The first stop on the tour was Stonehenge.  The internet says things like "not as cool as people say", "you don't get close enough", etc., etc.  But I actually really enjoyed it!  I thought it was a neat experience and I managed to get quite a few good shots!

After Stonehenge our tour bus went over to Avebury, another massive stone circle from prehistoric times.  this one is a little different though, because the stones are everywhere and you can walk right up to them.  Many people say they like Avebury better than Stonehenge, but I still think I preferred Stonehenge.  But I think that seeing them both together really is the best idea!  There were also a lot of really adorable sheep running around.

After Avebury we were on the road again.  On the route to the next stop, there was some really pretty scenery, including Silbury Hill, a massive pyramid like structure built in prehistoric times, and a couple white chalk horses, which are famous in the area.  The oldest one (which we didn't get to see) was made in prehistoric times, but the rest were made in the 1700s and 1800s.

Our next stop was Lacock, a little village owned by the National Trust.  Not only was it a quaint and adorable village in it's own right, it also happened to appear in a couple major movies.  The village was used in BBC's Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth one!) and the Abbey was used to film scenes from the first two Harry Potter movies!!  Of all the places I went, I think this village, and in particular the Abbey and grounds, were my favorite part of the day!

Our last stop was Castle Combe.  This is a Cotswold village, and also took part in the filming of another all time favorite movie of mine, Stardust!  I also had a few spare minutes to walk along a little path in the woods, but unfortunately couldn't go very far since I had to get back to the tour bus by a certain time.  It was a really pretty little village though!

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