Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Wittelsbachs

So this post is devoted to the various buildings I toured that were part of the Wittelsbach family.  This family basically ruled Bavaria (where Munich is) from 1100ish AD to 1918, when monarchy was done away with after WWI.  They had a million places of residence over the 800 years they were around, and in Munich itself I toured through two of them, the Residenz, and Nymphenburg Palace.  The Residenz had 3 different parts to it that I went though, the palace itself, the treasury and a theater.  The theater was amazing because it was everything a decent opera house should be:  ornate, red, gold, ornate.  The treasury was the biggest surprise and the most astounding.  I didn't even realize jewels and crowns that over the top actually existed in real life, and that those things are still around today!  Um, definitely sign me up for the next opening as princess in Bavaria....  The palace itself was interesting, but I also sort of had the attitude of "once you've seen one ornate palace (a.k.a. Versailles), you've sort of seen them all".  See my next post to see how quickly that theory was blown out of the water....  The Nymphenburg was a trial to get to (mostly because I am dumb, not because it is actually that hard to get to), and it was super tiny and I accidentally missed out on the carriage museum which would have been cool.  But at that point in the day I was also ready to pass out (literally) and stopped caring that anything remotely interesting ever happened in history.  But there was one room that I loved.  So I suppose it was worth it.

Residenz Palace

This cathedral, which is part of the Residenz, has a neat story.  It originally looked like this:

But unfortunately it was destroyed in WWII.  It has been rebuilt though, so now it looks like this:

I forget so easily how other places and other people and other times have had to live through so much suffering and unfortunate consequences.


Cuvilliés Theatre

Nymphenburg Palace

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