Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Holiday 2013--An Overview

So this post is to provide a little summary and easier navigation for the later blog posts which will cover each step of my vacation a little more in detail.  So for my Christmas holiday this year, I spent 3 days in the Southern France area (in Nice, Cannes and Monaco), then went up to the Munich, Germany area for 3 days (Munich, Ludwig II Castles tour outside of Munich and the Frankfurt Temple, which is nowhere near Munich), and then I rounded the trip off with a couple days in Salzburg, Austria.  There were parts of this trip that were amazing and beautiful and gorgeous and unreal.  There were also parts that were annoying and tiring.  But I guess that happens with every vacation.  My overall thoughts are this:  Southern France is boring unless you are with a friend.  Salzburg is the most amazing place on earth.  Christmas markets are fabulous.  And the more I learned about crazy King Ludwig II, the more I'm convinced we would have been great friends.

So the more detailed blog post with endless photos are thus:
Nice is nice
What Happens in Monaco Stays in Monaco
Meandering around Munich
The Wittelsbachs
Oberammergau and Oberndorf
The Castles Tour
The Hills Are Alive
Salzburg, Ã–sterreich
Mozart & Marionette
The Fortress

Here though are a few photos that didn't really fit into one of the above catagories, like the photos of the souvenirs I brought home.  The first one is all of the Christmas stuff I collected, the second the edibles goods, the third the books or postcards I bought, and the last is a picture of my Christmas tree in my dorm room in Oxford with my new ornaments on it!

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