Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Nice is nice

Despite being in Southern France for 3 days, there wasn't a lot to do or take pictures of.  Don't get me wrong, there is some very gorgeous scenery which I tried to capture, but in general the area is a nice place to go to get a little sun and relax, preferably with a friend, because there isn't too much else to entertain you.

Flying in to Nice I was sitting on the wrong side of the plane.  Everyone on the other side got a great view of a spectacular sunrise over the Alps.  I heard everyone's camera's clicking for like 5 minutes straight.  Not to be left out, I took a picture myself of what I could see:

The first thing I did when I arrived in Nice and got into the city was go to the Chagall Museum, which I ADORED.  It wasn't very big, but what it did have was fantastic.  The focus of the museum was Chagall's biblical works, and included some fantastic stained glass that represent the 7 days of the creation and a bunch of fabulous Old Testament paintings.  My favorite painting was one where the angel stops Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac.  In addition to the main scene, there is another scene showing a man carrying a cross.  While Chagall meant this to represent the struggles of the Jews, to me it was a stark reminder of the compassion of Heavenly Father who knew the pain of a Father who must sacrifice His Son, and how glad He must have been to give Abraham the joyful news that he wouldn't have to sacrifice Isaac after all, though there would be  no way to stop the sacrifice that the Savior would have to go through years later.  Another highlight was in the gift shop when I saw a plate depicting the dome of the Opera Garnier in Paris, my all time favorite building in the entire world.  Alas, it was a bit out of my price range, at 435 euros...

Later in the day I stopped by the Palais Massena, which was a "palace" given to a general in Napoleon's Army as a reward for doing something.  

I also swung by the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and the Opera house, and saw some lovely things on the way.  I ended the day by strolling on the beach during sunset, which was marvelous! 

And of course it isn't France if you're not eating delicious food!  This was socca on the left, like a garbanzo bean pancake, and on the right was petits farcis niçois.

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