Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oberammergau and Oberndorf

So technically this post confuses the chronological order of things a bit.  I'm combining Oberammergau, Germany and Oberndorf, Austria because they were both small side trips, they didn't have too much involved in them, and both cities start with "O".  So clearly there was no other logical thing to do...

Oberammergau is the thing that came next chronologically, and technically it was the first stop on the Castles Tour that I did.  It is a city famous for a Passion Play they do every 10 years at Easter.  Apparently back in the days of the plague, they promised God that if he would stop the plague in their city, they would perform the Passion Play every 10 years to remember Him saving them from the plague.  The plague stopped, and the Passion Plays started and have been going on ever since.  We got to see the theater where they do the Play, and then we got to shop for souvenirs.  Oberammergau is also famous for their wood carvings.  The bus basically lands in front of the same souvenir shops every trip it makes, so the prices are high because tourists will always buy from these shops, so I didn't get anything too big.  But I did take some pictures of cool things that would have been fun to buy.  My favorites were the cuckoo clocks.  They are a big deal in Bavaria!  The trip to the city was quite picturesque and went through the Bavarian Alps.  I'm not going to lie, there were a few moments when I could have sworn I was in Central Oregon in the  middle of winter as well, it was so similar.

Oberndorf, Austria was something I did on my last day of vacation.  It was where the chapel was where they first performed "Silent Night".  Though the original church isn't there anymore, they do have a memorial chapel and a museum on the exact spot.  There really wasn't much to it, and the museum was entirely in German so I couldn't understand anything, but it was still a neat experience.  I think a few of the things in the museum were from the original church, and then other parts of the museum were devoted to what life was like in Austria at the time the song was written, including a little pirate costume.  So it was pretty neat.  Also an interesting fact, right next to the church is a river, which is a border between Austria and Germany.  So these first two pictures are me in Austria, taking a picture of Germany!


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