Monday, December 10, 2012

My Bi-Polar Personality: The Teeny-Bopper vs. The Granny

I had the realization today that most of the characteristics of my personality fit into two catagories:  Teeny-Bopper and Granny.  Rare is the part of my personality that actually fits into my real age bracket.  I had this realization as I was thinking about my favorite hobbies:  family history, crocheting, baking, drinking tea, crafting, traveling...the list could go on.  I sound like a grandma for sure.  An AWESOME grandma, of course.  As I was giggling over this coincidence, I also thought about how I feel mentally/emotionally so much more like a teenager.  Even though I technically got my drivers licence in high school, I rarely drove and never had a car all through college.  I've really only been driving for like 2 years, and all through college I felt so much younger than everyone else, just because everyone else had their own cars and had been driving for years.  I've also never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, etc, etc., so I feel very underdeveloped and maybe not even at teenage level as far as that aspect of  life is concerned.  The only books I read are young adult books or old classics.  While my music selection is much more complex and diverse that these two categories, I do have quite a few teeny-bopper songs (like JoBros, Tokio Hotel, Sonohra....) and a few granny songs (classical music, opera).  There are stuffed animals on my bed, like a teenager.  I also go to bed uber early, like a granny.  I'm no where near a real career yet, despite being a mere year away from my 30's.  Yet I've managed quite a few spectacular experiences in my life, like traveling to lots of amazing places, that usually only come to grannies.  I'm sure I could keep the examples coming, but it turns out it's past my granny bedtime!

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  1. me too! Except...I am mostly a grandma, except for the relationship would be actually impossible for me to be a grandma at this point if you know what I mean hahahah :)