Friday, December 14, 2012

For Everything There is a Season: A Time to Vent

I've been a little stressed and over emotional the past week, and I just needed a place to emote.  What is it about the holidays that makes people's plates so suddenly full?  I've been stressing over the loss of an AMAZING co-worker whom I will miss greatly.  I've been stressing over the health of a good friend.  Not that I'm worried about her being able to recover, since I have the medical knowledge that I do, but having said medical knowledge also helps me to understand exactly what the recovery entails and I know it won't be fun.  I'm also overly emotional about my sister coming back from Australia.  I haven't missed her too dramatically for most of this semester, because I know she's off doing fabulous things and I want her out doing them, but now that I know I'll see her in a few days, it's almost impossible to be without her.  The fact I've been PMS-ing this entire week doesn't help either.  Luckily I managed to get my Christmas shopping done last week, or I'd never survive.  I'm mostly super sad for my co-worker leaving though.  She's off doing bigger and better things, that's for sure, and she's going to be great in grad school and in her future career, so I shouldn't mourn.  But I am losing my go-to for fashion advice, boy advice, yummy new recipes, help for making last minute lessons for my Monday night church meetings, help in decorating the office for holidays, my book buddy, the whole works.  I'm probably going to accidentely be mean to the rest of my co-workers next week as I mourn.  But así es la vida.  I've moved around enough that I should be used to goodbyes by now.  It really is a good thing I'm seeing my sister in 2 days, who really is my ultimate for all things friend and sister related.  If I'm losing one great friend, and least I'll be gaining my sister back.

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