Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Japanese Cooking Lessons

One of the biggest blessings that I have had while living here in England is having a wonderful flatmate.  She has been a great friend and support to me while I have been over here, and I am so lucky to have ended up in her flat!!  Not only is she a great listener, has good advice and is good competition in board games, but she is also a FANTASTIC cook!  It was my brilliant sister who first thought of the idea that I ask my flatmate for cooking lessons, for purely selfish reasons on her part.  My mom served a mission in Tokyo in her early twenties and learned how to cook a few things while over there, so us children were raised thinking eating Japanese food was a normal delight for every family.  Turns out most families don't have the blessed opportunity to partake of some of the Earth's finest cuisine as frequently.  Our family still gets ridiculously over-excited when we see Japanese food, and it usually turns into something like this:

So naturally I too felt my sister has a genius idea, as she is wont to do, and asked my flatmate for some cooking lessons here or there throughout the year.  Starting off with some previous knowledge from my mom of how to make yakisoba, miso soup, ramen, sushi, curry and my all-time favorite inarizushi, this is what I've accomplished this year with Aya:

Takikomi Gohan





Tofu with ginger, pepper and eggplant with yummy sauce, and my all time new favorite...Somen!!

But seriously, the somen is the most divine thing ever
(note resemblance to first pictures above....)

Homemade gyoza

Fried gyoza and gyoza in a soup!


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