Sunday, April 20, 2014

Slovenia Day 3--Ljubljana Again

The third day I spent again in the capital city.  In the morning I was going to go to the National Slovene History Museum, but that was under renovation, so I went to the Natural History Museum and a free marionette museum.  The marionette museum made me want to be a little kid again so bad.  Alas.  After that I stopped by the National Gallery, which had a few nice things in it, but was also under renovation and I could only see part of the collection.  As is my custom when I go to museums, I'll add my favorite paintings here below, but first a few more pictures of the city, including the beautiful Tivoli Park that I walked around.

Now is also a good time to discuss the food in Slovenia.  I didn't like it very much.  It was very meat heavy, and it's just not my favorite.  I only ate at one restaurant I enjoyed, and it was a lovely gourmet fish menu.  Other than that, I could not handle the food, and often just stopped by a grocery store instead of a restaurant.  But if one is really into meat, then this is probably a good place for them to eat.

Alvise Benefatto--Ecce Homo

Bartolomeo Bettera--Musical Instruments and Celestial Globe

Christ on the Mount of Olives (Anonymous)

Franz Flurer--Sea Coast with a Town and Travellers

Frans Francken II--Madonna with Child Served by Two Angels

Matija Jama--Circle Dance

Anton Karinger--Lake Bohinj

Anton Karinger--View of Triglav from Bohinj

Franc Kavcic--Ideal Landscape with Bridge and Amphitheater

Ivana Kobilca--Summer

Pavel Kunl--Ljubljana Fish Market

Matevz Langus--Juljia Primic with Her Brother Janez

Marko Pernhart--River Sava with Smarna Gora

Marko Pernhart--Panoramic View from Smarna Gora III (View of Triglav)

Marko Pernhart--Lago di Fusine in Stormy Weather

Jacob Pynas--A Landscape with Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter

Hans Georg Geiger--St. George Slaying the Dragon

Jozef Tominc--Portrait of the Artist's Father

Winged Altar

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