Sunday, March 24, 2013

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Part 2

Here's part two, all the paintings I enjoyed!

Allee of Chestnut Trees by Sisley

The Circus Lover by Tissot

Classical Landscape with Figurines by Bertin

Copenhagen Harbor in Moonlight by Dahl

A Section of the Claudian Aqueduct, Rome by Giroux

Dance Class by Degas

Diana and Actaeon by Corot

Evening at the Ball by Tissot

Diana the Huntress by Giampetrino

Figures and a Dog in a Landscape by Diaz dela Pena

The Ferryman by Corot

Herman Doomer by Rembrandt

Girl with Cherries by Predes

George Sand's Garden at Nohant by Delacroix

Italian Brigand's Wife by Cogniet

Holy Family with Saint Francis by Rubens

Le Grenouillere by Monet

Interior of a Wood by Leprince

Lady Elizabeth Stanley by Romney

Lise with a Parasol by Renoir

Madonna and Child with Saint Francis and Saint Jerome by Francia

Massacre of Innocents by Navez

Nation is in Danger by Debay

Paris Street on a Rainy Day by Caillebotte

Peasant Girl Knitting by Breton

Portrait of a Young Man by Memling

Portrait of a Man by Van der Goes

Roman Cathedral by Monet

Nymphs and a Satyr by Bouguereau

Self Portrait by Van Gogh

Study for Sunday Grand Jette by Seurat

Madonna and Child by Martini

July Specimen by Tissot
Springtime by Cot

The Storm by Cot

The Swing by Renoir

The Bathing Pool by Robert

The Little 14 Year Old Dancer by Degas

The Love Letter by Fragonard
The Letter by Corot

Toilette of Venus by Boucher

The Pool by Rousseau

Triumph of Aemilius Paulus by Vernet

Madonna and Child by Ugolino di Siena

Virgin and Child with Angels

Young Woman with a Water Pitcher by Vermeer

Young Woman Drawing by Villers

Bridge over Pond of Water Lilies by Monet

Waterfall by Michallon

Two Young Peasant Women by Dissano

Interrupted Sleep by Boucher

Garden at St. Adresse by Monet

Waterfall at Terni by Corot

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