Friday, March 22, 2013

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Part 1

So my sister discovered on this day that perhaps she isn't quite the 4 hour museum marathon type of person. Tragic timing on her part, really.  However, there really were quite a few lovely things in the museum.  Here is part one, the things that aren't paintings:

Marble Torse of a Cuirassed Statue of an Emperor

Libation Bowl from Eastern Mediterranean

Greek Gold Rossette

Terracotta Panathenaic Prize Amphora

Marble Relief with a Dancing Maenad

Marble Pilaster with Acanthus Scroll

Wall Paintings from a Cubiculum Nocturnum (Bedroom)

Marble Sarcophagus Lid with Reclining Couple

Marble Funerary Relief

Demidoff Table by Lorenzo Bartolini

African Sheilds

Napoleon I tapestry by Francois Gerard

Cheval Glass

Dutch Cabinet

Italian Cabinet

King David the Psalmist

 The Engagement Ball

The Life of Christ

St Augustine's City of God, Spanish

Autumn Landscape by Agnes Northrop

Italian Armor from 1600AD

Samurai Armor

Daggers from India

Turkish Saber

French Rapier from 1600

All Angel's Church Pulpit, New York 1900

Typical Room in Virginia 1810

Panoramic View of Palace and Gardens of Versaille, by John Vanderlyn

Stradivari Violins

Cristofori's Piano


 Qur'an Manuscript 15th-16th Century, Turkey

Folio from the Qur'an of Umar Aqta, before 1405AD, Uzbekistan

Folio from the Bustan (Orchard) of Sa'di, Uzbekistan

Alexander the Great and Dying Darius, from Majma' al-Tavarikh (Assembly of Histories), Iran

The Fire Ordeal of Siyavush from Shahnama (Book of Kings), Iran

Masnavi of Maulana Rumi, Iran

Ottoman Court Carpet, Egypt

Three Arches, northern India

Birds in Japan Exhibit
Spring Rain Collection

Minowa, Kanasugi at Mikawashima by Hiroshige

The Garden of Painting by Kano Tan'yu

Kit the Swordsman from the Photoshop exhibit

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