Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Should Take My Own Advice, Really

One of my favorite things to do is give people advice.  This is of course quite unfortunate for my sister, whose least favorite thing to do is receive advice.  This morning found me in the very infrequent position of her actually asking for advice (which she probably cringes at doing since she gets at least an hour more than she wants/needs).  She was worried about having enough money for a summer program in the Middle East to help improve her Arabic skills, and I gave her lots of fabulous advice and reassuring stories about how the Lord has always taken care of me in the past when I've been prompted to do something or go down a path that end up requiring more money than I feel I would have available to me.  After the conversation I felt like such an awesome and helpful big sister.
Fast forward only a mere matter of hours, when I am at work.  Work, which I love, has been slightly stressful the past couple weeks.  Our big boss who owns all of the clinics in our company has decided to spend Fridays at our particular clinic (which he has never really spent an extended period of time at before) for a couple months.  Like all bosses, I am sure, he likes to have things his particular way.  Of course his way is very different from what we've been doing the past couple years, and it's been an adjustment.  Some of the changes are fine and perhaps even helpful.  Some of them are needless and ridiculous (don't even get this Oregonian Tree-Hugger started on the removal of the recycling bins).  And a couple of the changes have been frustrating.  Like the big boss differing with the clinic boss over the number of Aides necessary to run a smooth clinic.  So now all of our hours are getting cut, right at the time when I'm freaking out over how am I going to fund 2 years in England and will I even have enough to move myself over there and survive until my loans kick in?
So there I was, being all Laman and Lemuel like in my complaining attitude of how the heezy will I survive even the slightest decrease in my paycheck, when I remember all of the great advice I gave my sister this morning.  God told me to go to England, and He'll help me make it there.  I just need to trust Him and quit complaining, and things will all work out okay!

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