Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This blog post comes courtesy of my sister, who had quite an enlightening thought last night.  In our Family Home Evening lesson, my roommate was talking about a quote by President Henry B. Eyring, where he states that while we may have times in our lives where we have major and obvious trials of our faith, the times in our lives when everything is going well is when we really need to evaluate our lives and then we will find trials of our faith as well.  So as a group we were talking about what this might mean in our lives and how we can overcome these trials of our faith that we don't realize we're having when life is good.  My sister had a wonderful thought, which she shared with me later that night.  She said that when we are at are worst, when we have our most major trials, that is when we are on our knees, crying in desperation for the Lord to save us.  What we fail to realize/understand is that when life is going good and we have no problems, we need the Savior just as desperately.  No matter how good we are in this life, we are not good enough.  We desperately need the Atonement of Christ to overcome our sins, our weaknesses, the fallen nature of man.  If we could strive to go to the Lord in humility, realizing our absolute dependence on Him and our absolute necessity of His Atonement, then maybe we could constantly overcome the trials of our faith, whether they come in times of trouble or when life is going good.

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