Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Retraction/An Apology

After hearing a few reactions to my last couple posts, especially from my mother who was trying to organize an emergency intervention for her "severely depressed" daughter, I decided to make a retraction/apology.  So here it goes.  It turns out, I am not severely depressed, so sorry for any confusion caused by my recent blogging.  What actually happened is this:  my personality is an interesting mixture of a love of complaining (despite not having anything real to actually complain about), a flare for the dramatic (mostly because I grew up reading and love interesting plot twists, however my real life is mostly uber boring so I often become overdramatic just for funsies), an over-enlarged ego (read:  when I make a statement regarding brain damage and feeling inferior, what I am actually saying is that everyone else has brain damage if they can't see how incredibly awesome I am), and last but not least, a slight disregard for telling the truth (don't ask why, I've always had that trait, even as a child.  It's a useful trait when needing to cheat at board games, which was a favorite pastime when I was younger, so maybe that's why it's so second nature now....)

I think growing up as a very shy, introverted, quite and boring child, I found that in order for anyone to listen to what I said, I had to make it interesting.  So I learned to embellish a little.  And in my defense, back in the day for the first year I had this blog when all I did was write boring things, I averaged 5ish readers.  Now that I've developed the habit of being a bit dramatic (which is much more fun to write), I average around 60 readers.  So maybe it's not all true, but I hope it's fun to read at least...

That's not to say of course that the fodder for my posts is not based in truth.  I did spend an entire night awake, angry at a roommate who brought in boys to build a bed way past my bedtime.  I did feel a twinge of regret at not caring the Bosox are in town this week.  (side note:  anyone who knows and cares about baseball with every fiber of their being will understand that my baseball post, of all posts, was not an understatement, baseball really is that serious).  But if truth be told, I do in no way feel a burden to humanity, or inferior because of "brain damage".  I did not start crying on my bike ride home yesterday.  My iPod didn't even play half of those songs mentioned.  And just because I don't currently have strongish feelings about baseball doesn't mean I don't have any feelings in my life (just ask my suitcases, already packed 3 weeks early...)  But there were a few points I wanted to make, and the literature seemed to flow a bit better with some embellishments.

I apologize that the last two posts happened to be depressing.  I promise to only write posts about butterflys and flowers for the next couple weeks.  And then after that all I will ever write for the next two years will be about the unbelievably wonderful things I'm doing in England and the rest of Europe while continuing to live my freakishly amazing and awesome life.  I hope that clarifies any confusion, and puts an end to any emergency interventions.  Sorry!

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  1. Well I am personally looking forward to your upcoming adventures. I would love to live abroad, but, alas, that may never happen. Until I am in my grave and the opportunity to live overseas has DEFINITIVELY passed, I shall live through you vicariously - so live it up, girl!