Monday, March 5, 2012

Scarves for Snow Leopards

I have a new hobby of crocheting scarves.  It's my dream to one day make it a business, called Scarves for Snow Leopards.  No, I'm not making scarves for the cats.  I am, however, making scarves that will help save snow leopards.  There is a group called the Snow Leopard Trust (click here to learn more about their AMAZING work!!), which was created to help save snow leopards from the danger of extinction.  This group not only spends a lot of time, money and effort on research, but they have a huge educational program to help inform the people that live in the snow leopard habitat and gain their cooperation in helping to save these magnificent creatures.  The program is really neat!  It's mainly in Mongolia right now, though the Snow Leopard Trust would like to eventually expand the program to other countries.  They make an agreement with the local farmers in Mongolia, that if they will not kill snow leopards, who sometimes prey on some of their livestock, the Snow Leopard Trust will buy crafted products from them to sell on their website and in zoos all over the world.  These handicrafts range from toys to Christmas ornaments to purses to rugs, and they are all wonderful!  They also sell hand spun camel yarn, which is what I have been using to make scarves for the past couple months.  Even though the yarn is a lot more expensive than what you could just buy at Wal-Mart, it's super cool to be able to say that a scarf I crocheted is made out of camel wool from Mongolia, and helped save snow leopards!  Here's a video that explains more about the program in Mongolia:
Snow Leopard Trust Featured on BBC World News!

And here are the scarves I've made in the past couple months:

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