Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ode to Joy, a.k.a. Dave's Killer Bread

I received the best news ever this week. Dave's Killer Bread is coming to California!!!!! My life will now be complete. For those of you poor unfortunate souls who have no idea what Dave's Killer Bread is, I'm sorry. It is literally the ambrosia of bread. Once you try this bread, you will never buy another brand of bread for the rest of your life. When September 15th hits, I'm heading straight for Safeway and not coming out 'til I have loaves and loaves of this joy. And if you're the type that is a sucker for inspirational stories, you should definitely read up on the Dave of said Killer Bread and learn about his great story! For more info on the amazing bread, you can go to the website here:

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